About PowerPup:

I have always loved the fact that Puppy Linux runs completely in ram,
and is able to save changes without having to install it onto or modify your hard drive.
And while there are a few live CDs out there for the PPC macs, none of them have the Puppy Linux philosophy. As a way to better understand Linux, I have decided to try to fill this gap between Live CDs and PPC macs.

The goal of this project is to make a Lightweight Linux System that works like Puppy, runs completely in ram and can save changes to a hard drive or usb stick, all in a PPC environment. Because there are plenty of good G3 macs and such out there, (but Mac OS 9 is too old, and sometimes Mac OS X is slow,) Puppy is ideal for these kind of computers.

Being a puplet PowerPup will not be a PPC look-a-like of Puppy Linux. There will be some customizations, I hope to make it look more like X-Pup and MacPup.

Because I'll be doing this in my spare time I do not know when I'll have a usable version released.

You can follow my progress here and on the puppylinux forums.

Currently I'm busy with college, so I haven't been able to work on the project a while.
If you have any questions about the project, or running Linux on Mac in general, feel free to email me at ben@powerpup.yi.org and I'll try to help you.

PowerPup is (being) made possible by:
BarryK, creator of Puppy Linux,
the people who made Slackware and Slackintosh,
Linus Torvalds for creating Linux,
And all the people who've volunteered in these projects.