I am using my PowerMac G4 (AGP graphics) running Slackintosh 12.1 (An unofficial port of Slackware to PPC.) for compiling and developing PowerPup. Testing Hardware is the PowerMac G4 and my PowerBook G3 (Lombard.) I have also tested it on an iMac. PowerPup will basically work on any NewWorld Mac.

Probable Steps to make PowerPup 1.0:
1. Build and test PPC kernel with Squashfs patch. Status: Done
2. Build the initrd.gz with recompiled PPC programs (eg: busybox, etc.) Status: Done.
3. Test Kernel and initrd.gz on a CD. Status: Done.
4. Rebuild the inirtd.gz image with HFS Plus read support in the init scripts. (HFS Plus is the standard filesystem for Mac OS X, at least its common on PPC macs. This step is required in order to save and load pup_saves file from a mac partition. )
5. Install slackintosh on separate partition with desired packages for live CD. Status: in progress.
6. create SFS file from new Slackintosh partition.
7. Rebuild live CD and Test.